About investment in Kumamoto City Green/Blue Bond

Daito Shoji Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has invested in the "Green/Blue Bond" issued by Kumamoto City.

Kumamoto City will implement this initiative for the following two purposes.

・In addition to conserving the natural environment such as groundwater, we are also addressing climate change and biodiversity.

We will take the initiative in tackling global environmental issues such as environmental loss.

In order to clearly demonstrate how the funds will be used, we will focus on environmental improvement effects.

Issue green/blue bonds limited to certain businesses.

・To further raise awareness of environmental conservation among citizens and businesses

Together, we will involve a wide range of local governments and businesses within and outside the prefecture to promote ESG investment.

By building momentum towards

Towards the realization of a sustainable, environmentally friendly city that fosters and connects to the future.

We will continue our efforts.

(Source: "Information on Green/Blue Bonds issued by Kumamoto City")

Daito Shoji Co., Ltd. has a management philosophy of ``leaving a prosperous future for the next generation.''

Additionally, as a local company in Kumamoto, we support this initiative and have decided to invest.

■What is “Green/Blue Bond”?

Initiatives that contribute to solving environmental issues such as global warming are called "green projects."

In addition, among the "Green Projects," initiatives that contribute to the protection of marine resources and ecosystems, the conservation of freshwater resources, etc.

In order to raise the funds necessary for these "green/blue projects" called "blue projects"

The bonds issued are called "green/blue bonds."

(Source: "Information on Green/Blue Bonds issued by Kumamoto City")

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