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Daito Shoji's basic philosophy is to continue to strive to realize factory operations that do not place a burden on the environment, while actively working to recycle waste received at our factories.

Environmental policy

Based on our basic philosophy, we have established the following environmental policy.

  • 1. We have established an environmental management manual that satisfies the requirements of ISO14001, established an environmental management system that clarifies roles and responsibilities to ensure its implementation and maintenance, and promoted the use of recycled resources. Comply with applicable laws and regulations and other requirements that we have decided to accept.
  • 2. We will always be aware of the impact that business activities related to the waste treatment industry have on the environment, and strive to continuously improve our environmental management system in order to prevent environmental pollution, protect the environment, and improve environmental performance.
  • 3. We will set environmental targets to the extent technically and economically possible for our business activities and the environmental aspects associated with our business activities, and will review them periodically.
    • a) In order to continue to contribute to society through the "environmental recycling business" that has a positive impact on the environment, we aim for continuous growth while maintaining a certain rate of return through sound management.
    • b) We will strive to improve the recycling rate of consigned waste and promote resource reuse.
    • c) As a company that contributes to society, we will actively promote CSR activities.

*This environmental policy will be documented and disseminated to all employees as well as the employees of the outsourcing contractors who are permanently stationed there through education and training.
*This environmental policy will be published in writing in response to external requests.

Established on November 1, 2000
Revised on November 6, 2021 Daito Shoji Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Eiji Ohara

basic principle

Daito Shoji Co., Ltd. is strongly aware of its social responsibility as a waste treatment company, and will continue to improve its technology to recycle the waste it receives and return it to the earth in a way that has as little impact on the environment as possible.

Environmental management organization chart

At Daito Shoji, we respond to the trust of our customers by strengthening information security measures and ensuring the confidentiality and safety of information in order to reduce various risks related to information security.

Information security policy

Our company has responded to the needs of our customers by focusing on the industrial waste treatment industry. In order to continue to provide products and services that satisfy our customers, we will continue to maintain a basic information security policy in order to protect information assets in our highly information-oriented society from threats such as accidents, disasters, and crimes, and to live up to the trust of our customers and society. This policy will serve as a guideline for our company's information security efforts.

1. Establishment of internal structure and information management regulations

Our company will establish a management system necessary to maintain and improve information security, and will establish necessary information security measures as formal internal rules.

2. Management responsibility and continuous improvement

Our management will take the lead in ensuring that our company's and our customers' information assets are appropriately managed by complying with this policy.

3. Compliance with laws, regulations and contractual requirements

Our employees comply with laws, regulations, norms, and security requirements in contracts with customers related to information assets used in business activities.

4. Employee initiatives

Our employees will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain and improve information security, and will ensure our commitment to information security.

5. Response to violations and accidents

Our company will establish a system to respond to violations of information security-related laws, regulations, norms, and contracts with customers, and information security incidents, and will reduce the impact of violations and incidents.

June 1, 2023 Daito Shoji Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Eiji Ohara

01organizational efforts

Our company's executives and employees work together to build an overall information security management system and take necessary information security measures (human and physical measures) to prevent incidents such as information leaks, unauthorized access, destruction, and falsification. , technical measures) and implement them.
We will build a system that complies with the international standard ISO 27001, conduct regular internal audits and management reviews, reduce security risks, and strive to prevent accidents.

02Initiatives to strengthen the environment

  • We strengthen our network to prevent unauthorized access and use highly available cloud services.
  • We are strengthening our monitoring system by collaborating with more reliable external organizations.
  • Antivirus software has been installed on all PCs to detect and promptly respond to external cyberattacks.
    We are working to ensure that each and every employee regularly checks for viruses to detect any abnormalities as early as possible.

03Educational system initiatives

In order to deepen knowledge of information security, such as the basics of information security and the handling of personal information, we will incorporate information security education using an e-learning system.

ISO27001 registration certificate

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