Equipment/base introduction

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence

Fully automatic mixed waste sorting system

Industrial waste, including construction waste, is discharged from construction sites, construction sites, and business offices.
and general waste from households and public facilities,
There are various types of waste that are brought to our company.
We have equipment in place to properly and carefully process these materials and enable 100% recycling.

A.I. AI full spec system

ballistic separator

Mixed waste can be sorted by specific gravity (3 types) ・Light and heavy items: plastic, paper, fibers, etc. ・Heavy items: rubble, wood, metal, etc. ・Fine particles: earth and sand, etc.

Sliding floor type quantitative feeder

It consists of a unit of 3 push boards and supplies a wide variety of processing materials in fixed quantities. This improves the efficiency of staffing and working hours.

heavy vibrating screen

A vibrating screen that moves in a circular motion prevents long materials from clogging up, and it is possible to separate oversized materials without mixing them with smaller materials.

robot sorting machine

Zen Robotics Recycler (ZRR) is the world's first waste sorting robot system. It utilizes standard industrial robots and advanced machine learning techniques to recover valuable resources from flowing waste.

Medium weight vibrating screen

It is a two-stage sieving machine, with the upper stage performing coarse sieving and the lower flip flow screen deck performing vibrating sieving. Features a structure that prevents clogging.

Near infrared sorting machine

It is possible to sort various types of small materials using high-density near-infrared camera imaging technology and hyperspectral image analysis technology.

suction device

It is possible to suction objects with relatively light specific gravity. (Example) Air volume can be adjusted depending on the suction material such as waste plastic, wood chips, paper scraps, and combustible materials. A uniquely developed mesh belt enables continuous suction to prevent the suction power from decreasing due to foreign objects.

jumping sorter

Specific gravity sorting is performed using an inclined belt conveyor and wind power. It is possible to separate three types of items: heavy items, medium weight items, and lightweight items.

Recycling equipment (Shinko Recycling Center)

A wide variety of waste is brought into our company, including construction waste, industrial waste from construction sites, construction sites, and business offices, and general waste from households and public facilities. We have equipment that allows us to properly and carefully process these materials and achieve 100% recycling.

Wood chip storage/inspection yard
compression building
Crushing building (combustibles/wood chips)
Sorting building
Gypsum board inspection/acceptance inspection yard

We have a large fleet of vehicles and heavy machinery to meet any needs.

In order to efficiently and quickly collect and transport a variety of industrial waste from our customers in accordance with site conditions and construction schedules, we have a large number and type of vehicles and a lineup of heavy machinery.
This allows us to handle large amounts of waste, as well as propose regular collections, route collections, and sudden spot collections.
In addition, by introducing hybrid vehicles, it is possible to significantly reduce CO2 gas emissions.


Owned vehicle


10t dump × 3 units

Detachable dump truck (10t) x 5 units

Detachable dump truck (4t) x 9 units

Detachable dump truck (2t) x 16 units

Dump trucks with crumbs (3t) x 7 units

Unic × 12 units (7t, 6t, 3t, 2t)

Removable dump container

10t x 10 units (shallow/medium/deep)

4t x 180 units

2t x 250 units

Assembly type BOX



  • Forklift x 9
  • Tire shovel x 4
  • Hydraulic excavators (Yumbo) x 21 units
  • Compression press machine x 2
Business base

We have a complete system in place to meet any request.

The location of the recycling processing facility has a significant impact on the customer's logistics costs and CO2 emissions.
Daito Shoji has a well-balanced network of four bases within the prefecture in order to respond to customers' requests to choose a treatment facility that is as close as possible to the waste discharge site.
Each base (processing facility) is located in a location with good transportation access from expressway interchanges, smart changes, airports, ports, etc., and the areas overlap with industrial parks within the prefecture.

Head Office (Northern Recycling Center)
Shinko Recycling Center
Toshima Recycling Center
Yatsushiro Recycling Center
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