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Fluff fuel compressed and packaged for thermal recycling (fuel resources)

Converting waste into assets called resources and utilizing them for the future.

Fluff fuel compressed and packaged for thermal recycling (fuel resources)

By appropriately and carefully sorting and processing waste, it can be transformed into a new, useful resource.
Waste is a source of resources.
Based on this idea, we propose a recycling-oriented waste treatment that connects resources to the next generation, which is possible only because we have accumulated experience as waste and demolition professionals.

Our Mission

Contributing to the development of a recycling-oriented society as a recycled energy creation company

In order to realize our management philosophy of ``maintaining harmony between nature and humans and leaving a prosperous future for future generations,'' we are committed to ``developing a recycling-oriented society as a recycling energy creation company to protect the natural environment.'' Our mission is to contribute.
Recognizing that the earth's resources are limited, we are working every day to realize a recycling-oriented society that reduces waste to zero so that we can make the most of these resources.

Daito Shoji supports our customers in their efforts towards a circular economy.

Circular economy is a circular economic system that treats products and raw materials that were previously discarded as "resources" and utilizes them through recycling and reuse.
Daito Shoji aims to contribute to the formation of recycling-oriented businesses and realize a sustainable society by assisting our customers in their circular economy efforts.

What is circular economy?

Source: Created by the Ministry of the Environment from “A Circular Economy in the Netherlands by 2050-Government-wide Program for a Circular Economy” (2016)

Advantages of doing business with Daito Shoji

01Excellent certified business operator

Our company has received excellent certification from both Kumamoto Prefecture and Kumamoto City, along with our disposal and collection and transportation businesses.
Excellent certification is a proof of trustworthiness and is considered an important point when selecting a contractor.
Proactively outsourcing processing to a highly certified company can also serve as a point of appeal that your business is environmentally friendly.

What is excellent certification?

02Contributing to society by converting waste into recyclable materials

Daito Shoji continues to collect plastic bottle caps collected by customers and donate them as vaccines.
After donating the vaccine, we will issue and give you a vaccine donation certificate.

03 Collaboration to reduce waste by 5%

Daito Shoji aims to build a highly recycling-oriented society and realize a circular economy.
Utilizing our many years of experience in waste treatment and recycling, we have developed an advanced recycling scheme that incorporates solutions to each of the issues our customers face in various processes, such as waste separation, transportation, intermediate processing, sorting, and resource recovery. We propose the construction of

04Comprehensive support for waste management in public works projects, etc.

We also propose comprehensive solutions, such as dispatching permanent staff, to waste management in public projects such as large-scale construction projects that are considered national policy.

05Thorough information security system that meets international standards

At Daito Shoji, we respond to the trust of our customers by strengthening information security measures and ensuring the confidentiality and safety of information in order to reduce various risks related to information security.

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