Environmental and social initiatives

0 2050

Daito Shoji aims to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 and realize a decarbonized society.

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR activities

Providing biomass fuel

Demolished trees and trees are crushed to produce wood chips, which are then shipped to companies as biomass fuel.
It is expected to be an alternative fuel to fossil fuels.

Use of high purity biodiesel fuel

Daito Shoji is contributing to global warming countermeasures by using biodiesel fuel "ReESEL" in some of its vehicles.

uniform recycling

Old uniforms are collected and recycled as intermediate materials for insulation materials, sound-absorbing materials for automobiles, etc., and used to create new products.

Certified as a Health and Productivity Management Organization 2024

Daito Shoji has been certified as a 2024 Health and Productivity Management Organization as a company that considers employee health management from a business perspective and is working on it strategically.

Solar power generation business

We are also working on a solar power generation business to reduce CO2, which contributes to global warming.

SDGs SDGs 8 initiatives

At Daito Shoji, we are working towards eight goals selected by our employees themselves.

Regional/Government Experiential SDGs Event

We will work together with local communities and governments to hold experiential SDGs events.
In Nishi Ward, Kumamoto City, ``Clean the sea!'' The ``Exciting SDGs Experience Session'' was selected as the grand prize, and we learned about environmental conservation through a tidal flat restoration project with local people.

Kumamoto SDGs management realization project

This is an initiative in which students from Kumamoto Gakuen University think about ways to create business opportunities using the SDGs.
This is where the catchphrase for Daito Shoji's SDGs activities, ``Abandonability,'' was born.

Tidal flat restoration project

We are collaborating with the Okishin Fisheries Association, Fukuoka University, and Koyo Co., Ltd. to restore the tidal flats where sludge has accumulated to their original state.
This is an initiative to improve the environment in which clams and other shellfish can live by breaking down the sludge and using materials that turn it into food for living things.

Groundwater conservation efforts

As a company/organization that actively works on groundwater conservation, our company received the Bronze Award in the Kumamoto City Groundwater Conservation Award System.

eco cap

We support efforts to donate collected plastic bottle caps as vaccines.
We will issue certificates and contribute to businesses.

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