We are collecting plastic bottle caps!

Daito Shoji is pleased to announce that the Japan Committee for Vaccines for the World's Children

Certified as a plastic bottle cap collection company.

“Japan Committee for Vaccines for the World’s Children” aims to provide vaccines to children in developing countries.

This is a private international support organization that donates vaccines and works to protect the future of children.

Daito Shoji has been collecting plastic bottle caps as an internal initiative for some time.

We have been donating vaccines, but in the future we will be happy to come and collect them if you wish.

We will connect this to vaccine donations.

We can also issue a receipt, so please use it as a record of your company's SDGs efforts.

Plastic bottle containers are recycled, but about 70% of caps are thrown away.

That is the current situation. You can protect the future of children with disposable caps.

If you are collecting caps but don't know what to do with them,

We would also like to thank companies and organizations who would like to join us in collecting caps.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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